Summer is always the best part of the year with people coming outside to bask in the heat of the sun. However, along with summer’s heat and humidity, there is an increase of tinea pedis or commonly known as athlete’s foot. This type of fungal infection is more common during summer because it thrives in warm, wet and dark environments such as your locker room floors and swimming pools.

Usually, you can get an athlete’s foot when you walk barefoot in moist and public places. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t lower your risk of getting it. Here are some steps to decrease your risk of athlete’s foot:

Keep your feet dry.

Fungi thrive on warm and moist places, so make sure to keep your feet dry as possible. If your feet happen to sweat a lot, you might like to consider using talcum powder or change your socks as often as needed.

Wear shoes, flip flops or sandals when walking around wet areas.

There are places that people love to walk on bare feet such as beaches and swimming pools. Athlete’s foot is a contagious infection and walking on bare feet subject you to a higher risk of getting athlete’s foot and other fungal infections.

Make sure to wash your feet daily.

Keeping your feet clean is the best way to avoid getting fungal infections. Regardless of the type of footwear that you use daily, it is important to clean yourself and feet up before going to bed.

Use socks made of natural fabrics.

Natural fabrics such as cotton are more breathable. Though it may be more expensive compared to socks made of other fabric materials, cotton socks will give your feet enough air to dry out especially in humid weather.

Make sure your shoes are completely dry before you put them on. 

Wearing wet footwear is sure to get yourself an athlete’s foot. Wearing clean and dry footwear is not only hygienic, but it also keeps your feet from having an undesirable odor. Always remove your shoes and socks right after you exercise too.

Don’t share towels or shoes or any personal belongings with anyone.

Never share personal items with other people. There are skin diseases, including athlete’s foot, that can be contagious and easily passed on especially when the temperature is warm. So if you want to avoid getting a fungal infection, keep your personal items such as nail clippers, socks, sandals, and shoes to yourself and never share it with others.

By doing these steps, you can enjoy summer without suffering from athlete’s foot. It is always better safe than to be sorry. However, if you have it, don’t hesitate to visit a podiatric physician such as Arlington Podiatry so you can prevent it from getting worse.

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