Minji Park

Origin: Pusan, South Korea.
Fluent in English and Korean.
MinJi graduated from Medtech College in July 2015 with a Degree in Medical Billing and Coding.
MinJi has a bright multi-talented personality working in our front office.
She enjoys cooking and doing sport activities on her free time.


MinJi has many important duties in our office:

  • Greeting patients.
  • Scheduling patients.
  • Answering multiple phone calls accordingly.
  • Checking benefits of insurance.
  • Collecting payments/balances.
  • Sort paperwork, and files;
  • Making new patient charts, faxing documents.
  • Order supplies for the office.
  • Send out correspondence letters to referring Doctors/Patients.
  • Putting together consent forms for minor/major surgeries.

MinJi has been with Arlington Podiatry Center since December 2016.

Arlington Podiatry Center

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